Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security monitoring systems have become increasingly popular as schools, businesses, government building, churches and private homes look to install video surveillance systems due to terrorist attacks and school/workplace shootings.

As you can imagine, this technology can become outdated over the years; this is not necessarily a bad thing as companies come out with better technology that protects our loved ones. CCTV can help save lives because information on a suspect can easily be distributed to law enforcement and specific rooms of buildings.


With the increase of school shootings, it is especially important for school districts to look into this technology. CCTV that allows access to law enforcement enables the police to know exactly where the suspects are inside the building. This knowledge also allows for medical aid to be distributed to isolated and secure areas of a school building.

Saving lives comes down to seconds, not minutes or hours, in cases of school shootings. The faster the law enforcement officials can respond to a scene of the crime and pinpoint the right location of the criminal, the faster the shooting can end. In many of these school shootings, the criminal has taken themselves out at the first sign of a police officer. Knowing if a criminal is still alive and in the building is critical for the law enforcement officials.

If the criminal is alive and is apprehended by the police, video evidence is a concrete piece of evidence as anyone will be able to produce.

CCTV live-streaming is crucial to a school’s security system because

  • Law enforcement can know exactly where the criminal is and if they are still committing unlawful acts
  • Medical aid can be properly distributed among the school to attend to children and adults who are injured and in need of assistance
  • Evidence for court, if the criminal is apprehended

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