From preschool to college, school districts, colleges and universities need to protect students, faculty, staff, visitors and assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. OSSI understands the unique challenges of these environments and has years of experience in securing educational facilities all over the country. Our Intelli-Site security engine solution provides you the ability to monitor and control all of your systems in a single user interface.

Securing school districts and university campuses is sometimes as challenging as securing a whole city. Potential threats include, active shooters, bomb threats, thefts, vandalism, physical assaults, and large demonstrations which may become violent. OSSI understands the complexity presented by these threats and has a solution that provides greater situational awareness to react or reduce threat escalation.

Intelli-Site Features

  • Access Control

  • Intercom

  • Database Import

  • Access Groups

  • Compass or MAC Hardware

  • Active Shooter

  • Pre and post event recording

  • Intercom Integration

Whether the event requires multi campus lockdown, specific route evacuation or something in between, OSSI has the right solution for you.

OSSI’s Intelli-Site Education Solutions Provide:

  • Multi-campus lockdown

  • Mass notification to reduce threat impact by informing students and faculty on how to react
  • Real time interactive maps and facility floor plans
  • Greater situational awareness with video and audio of events as they unfold
  • System wide sub-system integration:

    • Access Control
    • Video
    • Intercom / Paging
    • Intrusion
    • Fire Alarm
    • Panic Alarms
    • RFID Asset Protection
  • Reduction in human error by text to speech and audio instructions of security operational procedures while events unfold
  • Staff personal panic and help request integration
  • Staff parking and gate control