State, county and local governments have unique challenges.  OSSI understands these challenges and provide cost effective, efficient and easy to use security solutions for the government sector.  Controlling access to areas of facilities, securing inmates on their way to court, all while securing the public in other areas of a courthouse are a real challenge for state, local or county government.  It becomes especially challenging with limited resources and a very tight budget while under the magnifying glass of the tax payers demanding the most of their tax dollars.

OSSI’s PSIM solutions will allow you to secure your entire environment including inmate holding, judicial chambers, and public areas, all from a single command and control location while providing greater situational awareness for threat response.


In many cases, facilities require the general public to be protected while elected officials need to be secured at higher levels while mixed in the public areas.  Areas of the facility need to be accessed by both officials and the public after hours while the remainder of the complex needs to be secure for county commissioner and town hall public meetings.  Local agencies often have to maintain and secure collected personal information of their constituents.  Local governments also need to be prepared for disaster recovery and take control of situations prior to coordination with the CDC, ATF, and other federal agencies.  Dynamic threat based access control rule escalation becomes important under these situations.

The Intelli-Site platform was designed by developers from the complex industry of detention so integrating many systems is one of our core competencies. OSSI Integrates: Access Control, Intrusion, Perimeter, Intercom, CCTV, Metal Detectors, Body Scanners, Fire Alarm, and RFID into a single command and control solution.   From the most secure federal facility to the small county courthouse, OSSI has the government security solution for you.

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