Intelli-Site Lite Benefits

Panel Control Screen

Pop-up screens allow the operator to enable, disable, and activate any point in the system quickly and efficiently. Use our Hardware Management View to easily see a graphical representation of the systems health along with helpful configuration notifications.

Manage Users

Our Access Management View provides configuration of holidays, time zones, access levels, access assignment, and user information. Also, you can easily manage users by reviewing card activity, documentation, reports, and much more.

Court Elevator Control

Using an Intelli-Site system offers your organization flexibility. Start with 2 doors, and continually add to your solution as you need. Even if you grow into a fully integrated solution that includes intercom, CCTV, alarms, and more, with thousands of doors at hundreds of locations—Intelli-Site will continue to grow with you.

How It Works

Computer and Software

computer and software

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Access Control Hardware

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Door and Reader

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What you get with our solutions

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The OSSI Solution

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    The average access control price per door has been increasing over the last few years. Currently, the majority of access control doors are being sold at a price higher than $2,500.


    2 Door Compass System

    4 Door Compass System

    4 Door Mac System





    *Installation cost not included


    Price per Door

    Access Control Business Sources

    The hospitals, schools and universities market (up 6%) slingshot past last year’s No. 1 access control segment, office buildings (even with 2015). Government and utilities also fared well with gains of 3 points apiece. Retail and entertainment venues receded by 6 points.

    Access Control Business Sources

    Intelli-Site Lite is an Access Control solution that has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. It provides many different views which allow the operator to know system status and health graphically in seconds. Pop-up screens for each panel allow the operator to enable, disable, and activate any point in the system. Legends on each hardware control screen provide the operator easy reference explaining device statuses. The system is scalable in blocks of 25 additional readers to minimize cost to the end user when adding capacity.


    • Hardware Management View provides a graphical representation of system health and configuration notification.

    • Access Management View provides configuration of Holidays, Timezones, Access Levels, Access Assignment, and User Information.

    • Unlimited reader scalability
    • Supports multiple access control hardware.

    • Easy to configure elevator control
    • Built-in scheduled events module for special occasions
    • Built-in reports for quick reference to card records, departments, cardholder activity, card changes, and system information.

    • Update configuration and download buttons change to red to remind the user to download the changes.

    • Templates for easy user assignment.
    • Activity View displaying as many live activity streams at once. Streams can be filtered by system, location or even to the panel itself.
    • True ladder logic programming for complex environments. (MLC Hardware only)
    • Web client for access by smart phone, tablet or other device.

    Pre-packaged Intelli-Site Pricing Available

    Description Intelli-Site Lite Intelli-Site Suite 1 Intelli-Site Suite 2 Intelli-Site Suite 3
    Doors 50 50 125 250
    Camera 25 25 25
    Inputs 250 250 750 1,000
    Compass/Mac Integration Included Included Included Included
    Drivers No A’la carte A’la carte 1 included
    Customer Floor Plan (visual alerts) No Yes Yes Yes
    Ladder Logic Programming Yes Yes Yes
    Workstation Licenses 1 1 2 2
    Badge Creation Available Yes Yes Yes
    Credentials Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Peace of mind with our software maintenance agreement

    The security industry moves quickly, and OSSI wants you to be on the leading edge. The Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) helps your solution stay ahead of trends – and threats.

    It includes:

    • Unlimited software updates (bug fixes, feature updates)
    • Priority phone support
    • Software transfer (in case of a computer crash)

    At the end of the day, OSSI has you covered. Automatically get a 1-year SMA when you invest in any OSSI solution.