OSSI understands the unique challenges of airport security.   Commercial airports require some of the most stringent security measures, managing access control, visitors, employees, passengers, contractors and baggage while allowing the general public in common areas.  OSSI provides a complete and interoperable security management solution that not only keeps the public safe but manages airport and airline employees  security accessibility. Systems deployed in these environments must be highly secure, scalable, and provide the utmost in reliability including server redundancy.

OSSI’s Intelli-Site PSIM solutions integrate all your subsystems under one platform for an end to end solution.  Just a few of the benefits of Intelli Site include:

  • Greater situational awareness to improve decision making  by displaying  video and connecting  audio as events unfold.
  • Better informed security staff through the display of text or playing audio messages providing the proper security operational procedure, therefore reducing human error.

OSSI has the expertise in providing airport security solutions to help protect any size facility.  Additionally with our flexibility we can grow and adapt with technology enhancements or your changing needs your security systems can be easily adapted and cost-effectively improved  to use the newest technology.

OSSI’s airport solutions include:
  • Multi-location command and control
  • One click navigation to alarms or events on interactive floor plan maps
  • Redundant Server / Multi Server applications
  • Multiple card technologies for secure authentication of staff. (Card, PIN, and Biometric)
  • Provide weekly updates to the national TSA database with the event formatter
  • Advanced badging capabilities, and the ability to track numbers of lost/reprinted badges
  • Dynamic badging. A solution designed specifically for airports that badges self create based upon database rules. Example: The ability to be in Sterile areas, Escorting personnel, work on the tarmac, or carry a firearm
  • Write special jetbridge rules with ladder logic smart PLC controllers
  • Digital video and audio integration
  • Threat level access control management by card holder
  • Integration to other airport database systems
  • Customizability to evolve to new specifications. Example: the new Airport Interoperability Specification (ACIS)

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