There are many unique, dynamic security and environmental factors present within healthcare that create a challenging environment. OSSI has the knowledge and the flexible/customizable solution to address your needs of today as well as the needs of tomorrow.

Features Include:

  • Full system Integration. Access Control, Intercom, Infant Security, Patient Wandering, Video, Fire Alarm, RFID asset tracking, and more…

  • Protection and control of patient information and IT locations.
  • Single card for multiple locations
  • One click navigation and control of all your facilities events and alarms.
  • Medical gas, back-up power and additional system monitoring.
  • Maintenance record management and notification when facility maintenance is due.
  • Easy to administer card management.
  • Audit trail reports on access control activity of personnel as well as card administration changes.
  • Interlocks for maintaining positive air flow from surgical area keeping them sterile.
  • Escort, 2 man rules, and card/pin, or biometric applications for higher security access to narcotics.

OSSI provides a complete and interoperable security management solution that not only keeps the public safe but manages staff access control in a highly secure way without hindering them from performing their day to day duties. You can rest assured that your facility, assets, employees, and patients will all be safe and secure with OSSI’s healthcare security solution.