Access Control Simplified

One elegant solution for your complex security needs.

Easy to Program

Easy to Program

Build custom reports, graphical user interfaces, and rules for your site – without the need for custom code.

Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

Start with two doors at one building and grow to 1,000 doors at 100 buildings – or more.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Our “Smart Design” creates a security solution for the everyday end user.

Partner Compatible

Partner Compatible

OSSI can integrate with any new or existing hardware.

Intelli-Site For Access Control

Intelli-Site 4.0 Lite is designed exclusively for access control. End users pay only for access control functionality with the AC version. When desired, the solution can scale up to satisfy more complex integration.

Benefits and Features

  • Easily create alerts and rules
  • Run standard/custom reports
  • Manage user access control through Microsoft Active Directory rather than input details about users and buildings manually
  • Monitor on-location or at a control center
  • Scale up quickly when more buildings are added or functions are needed

Start customizing your solution

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    OSSI Is Your Security Partner

    Spec & Bid Support

    OSSI is a resource as you design a solution to meet your exact needs. For the most complex projects, OSSI can do custom programming, in-house. We can also help submit our solutions as an equal or alternate.

    Pre-Install Training

    OSSI is a company that’s easy to work with, and Intelli-Site is the industry’s best solution. We’ll quickly help your technicians become expert users.

    Technical Support

    OSSI has the industry’s best technical support. Reach out to our developers or technicians for help during a proposal or to troubleshoot an install.

    Peace of mind with our software maintenance agreement

    The security industry moves quickly, and OSSI wants you to be on the leading edge. The Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) helps your solution stay ahead of trends – and threats.

    It includes:

    • Unlimited software updates (bug fixes, feature updates)
    • Priority phone support
    • Software transfer (in case of a computer crash)

    At the end of the day, OSSI has you covered. Automatically get a 1-year SMA when you invest in any OSSI solution.

    We work with you:

    • Prisons/Jails

    • Government

    • Education

    • School Districts

    • Courthouses

    • Hospitals

    • Airports

    • Manufacturing