Providing a secure environment in the petrochemical industry requires different functionality and priorities than any other industry. In this industry, people work under hazardous and risky conditions, which makes incident prevention and staff safety the most important items to security directors. From harvesting and processing resources to transport, storage, and delivery the different phases of the petrochemical industry all present their own unique security challenges. Understanding all of these different processes dictates that the PSIM solution deployed to meet these challenging situations must me extremely reliable, robust and redundant.

With OSSI’s PSIM solution you will find a system that will account for emergency spill and chemical releases, emergency evacuation, employee tracking, personal identity, contractor tracking, protection against theft and much more.

Security staff require real time situational awareness regarding all aspects of the sites operations and potential threats.

During events, security staff must be able to coordinate with centralized command centers and deploy emergency response teams with extreme efficiency.  OSSI provides a multi server enterprise solution that allows regional servers at remote locations to control their own environment while synchronizing its events to a centralized redundant servers.  This also provides cross platform card administration to allow a single card to be restricted or gain access across global operation centers.  RFID tracking of personnel and contractors allows for real time mustering and dynamic reporting of where people are for emergency extraction in the event of an incident.


Petrochemical security applications require integrated subsystems and include:
  • Perimeter and pipeline intrusion
  • Anti-crash vehicular gates and crash barriers
  • Video integration with analytics
  • Perimeter fence facility protection
  • RFID people tracking
  • RFID valuable asset tracking
  • Access Control
  • Multi-location command and control
  • One click navigation to alarms or events on interactive maps and floor plans
  • Redundant Server / Multi Server applications
  • Multiple card technologies for secure authentication of staff. (Card, PIN, and Biometric)

OSSI’s solutions meet today’s challenges and provide customizability to change as quickly as the requirements do.  Contact us for more information about our PSIM solutions.