It seems like every time I turn on the news, there is a story about a city hall, school, or hospital in a lockdown situation. In more extreme cases, entire cities in danger have shut down. Unfortunately lockdowns are becoming a semi-common occurrence, and it is important to be prepared. With adequate preparation, you can ensure that you and other building occupants will stay safe in an emergency situation. Lockdown preparation to stay safe

Steps to Staying Safe

Participate in Drills

If your school or company participates in drills for lockdowns (or any other emergency), always fully partake. Treating drills seriously now will ensure you feel more prepared in the future.

Follow Instructions

Even if a procedure feels counterintuitive, follow emergency personnel and/or your supervisor’s instructions. By acting impulsively, you could put yourself in a dangerous or even deadly situation. Most schools, airports, hospitals, and other public facilities have created strategic plans to follow in the event of a lockdown, so carefully listen to instructions.

Lock the Doors

In the event that a potentially-dangerous person is in or near your building, ensure that you have locked the doors to deter anyone from entering. Don’t open the door for anyone, unless you are sure who it is. If you can, place a chair in front of the door to prevent it from opening.

Hide from Plain View

Do not sit or stand in front of the door, and try to find a hiding spot out of plain view. In an office setting, windowless rooms or cubicles are typically a good place to go. If you’re in a bathroom, sit in a stall and pull your feet up from plain view.

Stay Calm

Panicking is never a good idea in a lockdown situation. Take deep breaths, and stay quiet. Staying calm in a dangerous situation will help you think clearly and logically.

Technology plays a large role in keeping building occupants safe during lockdowns. OSSI offers Compass Hardware systems to help control building access and arm or disarm alarm systems. Call us toll-free today at (888) 533-7508 to learn more about the technology that will keep you safe in a lockdown.