Physical Security For Small BusinessesIt doesn’t matter if you own a small business or a larger corporation, there are still concerns for physical security. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect the physical assets of the company, your employees, and your clients.

Security Access Procedures

Are you controlling the physical access to your business and the areas within it? Valuable assets and confidential information should only be accessible to employees who require access to them in order to perform their job duties. These assets should be secured in a locked room and a procedure for key distribution put in place. You want to ensure that only those who need access are given access. Entrances to the building should be locked from the outside to prevent non-employees to enter the building. In most cases, customers only need one entrance which should be monitored at all times.

Security Systems for Businesses

You should have a security system in place that is monitored by an outside company and automatically notifies authorities in the case of an emergency. The only people who need the access code for the security system are your employees, and that doesn’t mean all of them. You might want to only give this code to specific employees who are the first ones to arrive, or the last ones to leave. Naturally, the access code should be changed immediately should a person with access cease to be employed with your company.

Physically Monitoring the Business

Implementing security cameras can help to monitor and prevent potential criminals from attempting to enter your place of business. However, your employees should also be trained to make observations while working and what procedures should be followed when a person is seen in areas they do not belong.

Communication Security Procedures

Communication is vital in an emergency. A company policy should be established which outlines the procedures of communication in the event of an emergency. Once your communication procedures are outlined, create a backup plan. How are you going to communicate if the first method is not possible for some reason? Your employees need to be trained in these procedures and re-evaluated on them from time to time.

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