A new type of eyewear introduced by Google has recently sparked intense conversation— not only for it’s innovation and technology, but also for its use in casinos. That’s right. The new Google Glass eyewear is already being banned in casinos across the nation.

Google Glass Banned in Casinos

What is Google Glass?

The concept for Google Glass was introduced in April 2012 as a wearable computer device. Google Glass has not yet been introduced to the public, but some lucky users have had the opportunity to test the mini computer. It displays information like a hands-free smartphone would, but it’s worn as a pair of eyeglasses. Google Glass capabilities include snapping photos, surfing the web, checking for directions and catching video— all without even pushing a button.

Why the restriction?

In an effort to remove any suspicion or occurrences of cheating, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement ordered 12 casinos in the state to ban use of the device. Some casinos in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, and Las Vegas also have similar bans in place to deter dishonest game play. The reason? David Rebuck of the Division said Google Glass could broadcast a poker player’s hand to a conspirator or possibly be used in another dishonest way.

Taking No Chances

Most agree that it would be hard to definitively prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is using the device to cheat. However, Google Glass’ video recording, Internet searching, information receiving, and photo-snapping capabilities open up a whole new realm of possibilities for players to be dishonest. Therefore, the zero-tolerance policy in some casinos has been put in place, and we expect many more to follow suit. Casinos enacting the ban may ask any gambler to remove the eyeglasses and could kick out anyone refusing the order.

With security and deterrence of cheating being a top priority to many casinos, it’s no surprise this mini computer is already being restricted. Casino owners go to great lengths to protect their property and players, which is why technology like PSIM security software is so important in the industry. For more information on keeping casinos secure, contact OSSI toll-free at (888) 533-7508 or locally at (262) 955-8770.