This is part one of a two part series on how teachers can be educated on school safety to protect the future of our country: students.

Many of the heroes of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting were teachers. In a time of intense crisis, they were able to face one of the worst possible dangers to their lives and their student’s lives: a shooter while not having any kind of protection. The result could have been much worse. Many of the staff at this facility were trained and educated on how to deal with this type of situation.

While the government works out ways to protect schools by discussing gun control and other tactics, schools are still potential targets for crazed shooters.  However, there are ways for teachers and school personnel to protect their school from shooters before they become targets; and while a shooting is in progress.

Ways to prevent a shooting before one occurs:

  • Be aware: Many times, a shooter is someone who was bullied or outcasted by school-safety-solutions-ossistudents in classrooms and hallways, not that far away from a teacher. Keeping an eye out for bullying and stopping it before it escalates is always going to be your first step. If bullying continues, it needs to be seriously addressed by school counselors. In a perfect world, bullying would not occur.
  • Educate: Many school districts offer courses for teachers, administrators and law enforcement on how to spot potential killers by making them aware of warning signs.
  • Protect your room: As a teacher or a substitute teacher, the first priority should be keeping your room secure. Locking the classroom door once class starts protects from an intruder entering without permission. In the event of an incident, impede the perpetrators progress any way possible.

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Part two will be posted tomorrow.